About Us

StyleUpYourLife is your leading fashion and lifestyle companion. Founded around the break of the Millennium, the StyleUpYourLife team has always been what people would call fashion and lifestyle "aficionados", ever focused on discovering and bringing to you the must-haves from any season.
May it be an outfit or an accessory, it is our goal to help you step up your style game!

Living in a world, which is becoming more global and more interrelated, the StyleUpYourLife team is also anything but local. Shaped by internationally mixed backgrounds, and commuting between various major European capitals, we know where to look.

It is our belief that when it comes to fashion and lifestyle, there is no such thing as "too much" input. We therefore closely collaborate with various life- and street-style publicists, content creators and social media influencers, to keep our radar ever growing for you.

We hope that our fresh and aesthetic view on the pretty things in life will help making your life even more beautiful.

Your Life. Your Style. StyleUpYourLife.